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Increase Your Profits From Federal Contracting

Barrier Consulting specializes in assisting small to mid-size business enterprises in achieving new growth from the government sector.  The Barrier team partners with you to plan and develop the appropriate strategy and tactics to penetrate the lucrative government market.

Government contracting is a unique business model very different from the commercial or consumer markets. Our experience with, and understanding of, the government market enables us to identify and evaluate opportunities that fit your firm’s capabilities, capturing all the details needed to win contracts.

New to the federal market? – The biggest challenge for small business is getting started. Done right, it is a time consuming and complex process. Many small businesses are finding getting into the game is a project that requires the right outside help. Barrier Consulting will start by providing you with research for you to make an informed decision if federal contracting is right for your business. We provide detailed information on:

  • The size of the federal market for your products or services:
  •  Identification of the agencies that buy your product and services
  • How these agencies purchase – via open-market bidding, GSA schedules, micro-purchases
  • Who your competitors are in the federal arena
  • Price benchmarking based on previous federal purchases within your industry

Entering a new market requires careful planning to ensure your resources are used wisely.  We provide the research, knowledge and insight to make an informed business decision based on facts specific your industry within the federal market. Barrier Consulting works with our clients as a partner – building your success.

Been in the game awhile and not getting results? – We serve as an adjunct to your staff, complimenting your capabilities by providing agency research, opportunity identification, bid no/bid counsel, and proposal preparation support. We also assist clients with strategic marketing plans and tactics to increase earnings from GSA Schedules and BPA’s.

For the sales personnel in your organization we identify and provide research on target agency potential, along with contact information. Understanding the wants and needs of individual agencies builds credibility with procurement personnel and enables improved features-benefits selling.

If you are interested in finding out if federal contracting is right for your business or if your firm has already moved beyond the basics and are ready to get serious about developing your federal market opportunities, we look forward to hearing from you.

Please view our services for your government contracting support needs. If you would like more information please give us a call or send us an email.