Federal Market Strategic Analysis

If you want to know if government contracting is right for your business this is the place to start.

Understanding of the size and scope of the federal market specific to your industry is critical in determining if federal contracting is right for your business. Answering questions such as; who are my customers, who are my competitors, what is the profit margin and do I have the resources to compete, will give you valuable insight into what to expect from the federal market.

Federal Market Strategic Analysis

The federal market strategic analysis looks across federal procurement as a whole to provide an in-depth industry overview of the federal market for your product/service, including past spending and planned procurements for the upcoming fiscal years.

To define your customers we deep dive into the federal agencies who procure your specific products and services to identify the top three agencies your business should target and market to. The chosen agencies mission, goals, strategic plan and budgets are included to give you a complete picture of the needs of the agency so you can align your capture and marketing strategy accordingly.

How these targeted agencies buy is important factor in determining which purchasing vehicles you will need to have available to maximize your profits. We pinpoint the purchasing preferences of the targeted agencies providing detailed information to assist you in making an informed decision.

Also included are recommended actions successful federal contractors take to penetrate these federal customers. It is not easy and we let you know what it is going to take. An added benefit is a highly targeted customer list with key agency contacts identified.

A review of competitors is furnished to evaluate your firm’s ability to successfully compete in the lucrative federal market. Information is presented to analyze the impact of competitors on your pricing strategies and profit opportunities. Good to know whether or not you can make money in this market before you invest time and money.

Incorporated within the report is a road-map of the next steps your firm will need to take to become a successful federal contractor. The result is a comprehensive market research report, specifically tailored to your business, to facilitate the strategic decision of entering a new market channel.

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I hired Barrier Consulting to do a market analysis, which was excellent, tailored to our business needs regarding service offerings and geography, and gave me good direction as to where to begin our efforts. I have referred back to it as we pursue the work.

I am impressed at her knowledge and insight, but also her ability to describe simply a complex system of procurement. She provides consistent, timely feedback, broad experience in assisting small businesses in securing federal contracts, and clarity when I am overwhelmed.

G. Sullivan

President, Studio G

Ed and I have both read your strategic analysis—thank you for all your work on this and the great research and recommendations! The research you provided is exciting and motivating for us!

H. Stipetich

Account Manager , The AVS Group

The strategic federal market analysis was incredible - full of detailed actionable information. You clearly identified where to focus our energy in a market as large and diverse as the federal government. Sticking to the plan created will be the key to success. Your knowledge of HHS and USDA component agencies provided insights to grow our business. Next step let's get that GSA schedule.

Dr. M. Cohen

CEO, The Michael Cohen Group