GSA Contract Maintenance

Full service contract management:

Once a GSA contract is awarded contractors must ensure compliance with the terms and conditions as well as be able to update products and services. We can help! From contract award forward we have extensive experience managing all contract tasks and reporting to keep our customers informed and in compliance.

GSA Modifications – the most used tool of GSA contractors to manage contract changes and ensure contract compliance. We specialize in the preparation and submission of contraction modifications which enable:

  • Additions of New Products/Services/Labor Categories
  • Addition of Special Item Numbers (SINs) – new categories to current contract
  • Deletion of Products/Services/Labor Categories
  • Adjustments to Pricing Strategies
    • Economic Price Adjustments (EPAs)
    • Price Reductions
  • Administrative Revisions – Administrative contact, Address changes, Add or delete authorized representatives/ negotiators
  • Contract Novation (Name Change)
  • Contract ownership change due to merger/sale
  • Contract renewals
  • Mass modification review and approval

Manage GSA Advantage! Catalog – provide input and guidance on maximizing presence on GSA Advantage. Creation of initial catalog, including product and service descriptions, pricing and photos with updates as needed.

GSA Industrial Operations Analyst (IOA) Visit Preparation – the 12/08 Mandatory Disclosure rule make it necessary for firms to have business processes and automated systems that prevent contract price violations, and manage TAA compliance issues which are reviewed by GSA.

  • Contract Documentation – create and maintain all master files of required materials
  • Compliance with Commercial Sales Discount Practices and Policy – Has the sales team inadvertently offered lower prices to non-Government buyers than those disclosed in the CSP? This may have triggered the Price Reduction Clause. The relationships between CSP disclosures, non-Government sales, and Federal non-GSA sales is an important contract element.


We continually monitor regulatory changes mandated by GSA and the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR). As we are all well aware government contractors operate in a highly regulated environment and failure to follow the FAR rules can become grounds for suspension and disbarment.

“JMH Education Marketing (JMH) has been working with Barrier Consulting for over eight years and has greatly benefited from their research and strategic advice. They have:

  • Researched specific agencies and provided us with in-depth information from which to develop strategies for business development within the federal channel
  • Helped us determine the right opportunities to grow our business in the government sector (federal and State)
  • Provided targeted lead opportunities that fit our capabilities on a regular basis
  • Advised us on strategies and teaming partners for specific proposals
  • Prepared winning proposals in response to various RFP’s for multiple agencies
  • Obtained and then maintained our GSA PSS contract, guiding us through the complex process and requirements of GSA.
  • Ensured compliance with all required reporting

In our experience, Barrier does excellent research and has an in-depth understanding of government agencies. They are always on time, within budget, responsive to our requests, and are a pleasure to work with. 

J. Meyer

SVP, JMH Education Marketing

She's awesome!  Two GSA schedules, the first one start to contract was 6 weeks. Did $1.2 Million in our second year for GSA and just successfully went through our first compliance review. Forget the money... Lori has the tools to keep the contract, not just get you on it! We love Lori and we have even flown her down a couple of times to go over things. She will always be in your corner, what else can you ask for!

Brett Jackrel

Sales Manager, Moto Electric Vehicles

I call Lori "my favorite consultant" - she has gotten us two GSA schedules and maintained them for a number of years. She has prepared numerous wining proposals for both federal agencies and GSA task orders on our behalf. I strongly recommend her to anyone selling to federal customers.

Ted Sas

President & CEO, SAS R&D Services